Leslie Rohonczy


The LESLIE ROHONCZY BAND plays great original rock, and features Scott Walsh (guitar), Dave Fraser (bass), Al Wilmore(keys), Chris Houle(drums) and Leslie Rohonczy (vocals and percussion).
Scott Walsh

SCOTT WALSH Guitar & Vocals
Scott is the other half of the driving creative force behind the Leslie Rohonczy Band. He is the co-producer and engineer behind Leslie's first and second albums, and is currently collaborating with Leslie on album number three!

"I became addicted to music at 9 years old while learning guitar, and then became addicted to recording at age 12 on my Dads 4 track! Music is truly an adventure and way of life, and I have enjoyed every up and down that music has offered!"

Musical highlights for Scott having included playing cable TV at age 13 and performing with his father's country band at 16. Scott has played in many popular rock bands including 'In Mynd' and 'Four On The Floor', and has played almost every bar in Ottawa at least once... the Rainbow 60 times!

Scott co-wrote and produced two 'In Mynd' albums, with the single 'Still In Mind' getting regular radio rotation. He has also recorded dozens of very talented bands including 'Beehler', 'In Mynd', 'Saga', 'Down In Ashes', and 'Leslie Rohonczy'. Scott toured Europe twice, Brazil, and Norway with metal band 'Beehler', and recorded Saga's 20th anniversary tour in Europe. "Leslie is truly an amazing writer that paints a picture and tells a story in her songs! I am so thrilled to be working on this amazing music with her and to help create the musical landscape behind her lyrics and chords...incredible!"

Chris Houle

Drummer Chris Houle comes from a long line of musical talents. Exposed to music at a very young age as a McCann offspring, it was only natural when Chris started playing drums at the age of 9. He joined the the stage/big band in his first year of high school and has never looked back. Chris has performed with many local bands over the years, including Cougar Chick Tribute Band, Ragged Faith, The Burn, Bad Influence, Blues Chronicle, Private Stock, and Blue Groove. Currently Chris performs with the Leslie Rohonczy Band, Jenn Morin Band, Disco Inferno, and Cougar.

During this time, Chris has also had the opportunity to play on numerous demo and original studio tracks, and his work has been captured on several sessions. Chris also occasionally sits in on drums and lends vocals with local favorites Chris McCann and Straight Goods, Staggering Punters, and Next in Line, enjoying the opportunity to play many diverse styles of music. Among his musical influences, Chris counts multiple decades of talent, ranging from the 1940's swing and big band sounds, to today's power pop and modern rock, blues, classic rock, pop, and yes, even disco! Chris's exceptional meter and hunger for all things new and challenging keeps the band fresh, and brings energy to live performances.

Steve Rae

DAVE FRASER Bass & Vocals
Dave first got interested in rock and roll after seeing the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show in 1964, at the tender age of 8. He started playing in garage bands in his early teens, and began playing bar gigs at the age of 17, (with fake I.D.), with his first band Russett, with Donny Bregg (Cooper Brothers Band). Other bands included Wedge1975-1978, Mainstream with Louise Reny and Leslie Howe (One to One) 1978-1980 (1979 ShareChez finalists), Gleneagle 1980-1983 (Top 20 single "Don't Fool Yourself" 1982), Lexy Jones with Bob Littlemore 1985-1995 (1989 ShareChez finalists). Dave currently performs the Leslie Rohonczy and Cougar Chick Tribute Band! His musical influences range from Paul McCartney to Tim Bogert to Chris Squire. Dave uses Gallien-Krueger amps, and Fender, Cort and Samick Basses.

Al Wilmore

ALLAN WILMORE Piano/Organ/Synth & Vocals
Allan has been a professional musician for roughly 30 years. Classically trained, he has extensive live performance experience, having played all across Canada with many popular rock, pop and blues bands, including Three Times Lucky, Four Way Street, Taylor Made, Gamut, Pictures of Home, and Strait No Chaser. Al also currently performs with Groove Junkies.

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