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QUALIA (2016)
12 Songs

Leslie Rohonczy

Qualia was released in August 2016, with original songs in the rock genre. This third album represents a shift into the sensory realm, featuring superbly crafted lyrics, evocative melodies & rhythms and juicy production. Amidst healthy doses of great rock & roll grooves, you will sense flavours of country, R&B, funk, hip hop and pop!


1. Monster: Call me Dr. Frankenstein indeed! This rocker is actually about the creative process of bringing original music to life in the studio.

2. Time Elastic: Very groove-driven track about the velocity of life getting faster; I am a slave, and time is my master.

3. Bitch Please: Hip hop meets funk with a healthy dose of rock in this commentary about people who are famous for being famous, just because of what their Daddy's name is.

4. Chin Up: Dedicated to my musician friends - we've all played to tables & chairs at one point in our careers.

5. Wide Awake: A story of betrayal and regret.

6. In My Arms: A heartfelt song about grief and the comfort that comes from being surrounded by a loving community; written for the loss of a friend's child.

7. Taming Hurricanes: dedicated to those suffering with PTSD, and their families who love and support them.

8. Here In The Void: A dramatic story of heartbreak and betrayal. The video for this song was brought to life through an exquisitely choreographed dance performance.

9. Everyone's Somebody's Freak: Quirky and funny! This crazy, Spike Jones-inspired song about owning your uniqueness features a video with our drummer trying on my corset, me shaving a stripe down the centre of TBH's head, and Jesus shopping for Froot Loops with my Mom! Hippies and Gypsies and Freaks... oh MY!!!

10. Standing Here With You: This song was created about the inspiring love story between Sharon and Robert Streeting, as a surprise wedding gift to them.

11. Serve You Well: Imagine who you'd be if your story wasn't true; if you eased your grip on what you thought you knew. Thoughts become things and what you look for comes to dwell, so choose the ones that will serve you well.

12. Triana Run: In the Spring of 2015, Triana Clark-Feller was the winner of a custom-written song prize. But it was me that won, because she has an amazing and inspiring story that I was honoured to be able to tell! Out of tragedy came triumph.

10 Songs

Leslie Rohonczy

Down From the Ether was released in October, 2014, with original songs in the rock genre. Inspired, provocative, edgy and quirky, this rock album features bold, layered vocals, intricate guitars and keys, thought-provoking lyrics, and intense rhythms!


1. Legend of Annie Grey: Rich storytelling, set in a roots rock and country influenced melody, this is a fiery story of revenge.

2. Water Turns to Mist: Quirky, happy song about death. No, really. :-) I wrote this the day after my Dad passed (well, actually it downloaded itself into my head, truth be told!), but it's not a sad song at all!

3. DivaVoom: What do you get when you bring seven of Ottawa Canada's best female vocalists together in one studio? DivaVoom! This song is an earworm of catchy choruses, driving groove and lyrics that celebrate the Diva in us all!

4. Creativity: Ever wonder where creative ideas come from? I think they live somewhere up in the ether, and drop into us when we're ready for them.

5. Bitch Free Zone: Sometimes, you just gotta say.... enough is enough, and declare yourself a 'bitch-free-zone'!

6. Throw The Bones: Every album needs a song about sex, right? This is it! Throw the bones, roll the dice and take a chance!

7. Running With the Wolves: Longing to break free... this song features great rock grooves, unique, moody rhythms, killer guitars and lots of vocal harmonies.

8. Reality: Reality TV is not real. "Which Barbie clone will win the rose, as toddlers strike whorish poses", this rock song explores the seedy side of reality TV, and suggests that 'real' reality can be found closer to home.

9. Goodbye Moment: This power ballad is a song about gratitude. Heartfelt lyrics say thank you for friendship, and for bringing dreams to life.

10. How Would It Feel: What would it be like to be with the person you secretly long for? This song features a 72-voice choir, rich layered guitars and vocals.

12 Songs

Leslie Rohonczy

Sister Seven was released in November, 2012, with original songs in the rock genre, with flavours of adult contemporary, new country, and funk.


1. Wicked: Written about a witchy woman, and her magical power over men. This used to be a blues song that we re-tooled into a heavy rawker, and it's my favourite song on the album!

2. Sister Seven: An intricate vocal arrangement is the feature in this song about being adpoted, and the recent discovery of my biological parents and their children (I am suddenly now one of seven siblings).

3. Woman of a Certain Age: This is an upbeat rock anthem for women, about finally becoming comfortable in our own skin. I invited all my best chicks into the studio with me to record the sing-along choruses - BIG fun!

4. What If: Inspirational song about what's possible when we view the Universe as kind and generous, and how we are all connected in it.

5. Butterfly Queen: Written for a friend who was bullied, this song celebrates someone who is redefining herself in every way. She is proof that it can get better, if you stay strong, and stay true to yourself.

6. Said My Heart: Listen to your heart, when it whispers "give it a try". This song was written about starting the 'Sister Seven' solo album project.

7. Game On: Hard rawkin' tune written from the perspective of a stalker. Yep, it's a weird topic, but very cool, heavy groove, and some interesting instrumentation.

8. Don't Wanna Go: If you've ever wanted time to just stand still because you're enjoying the moment so much, with someone special, this song is for you.

9. Monkey Mind: Funk flavours this high-energy song about having a busy brain, and trying (so hard) to meditate, but the 'monkey mind' takes over.

10. Hello Old Friend: A dark and haunting melody about the 'inner critic', and how painful that lack of self-compassion can be. I call my inner critic 'Mimi' (she's such a bitch).

11. Why You Stay: Written about a friend who stays in a controlling relationship. I wish she knew that she deserves so much more from her one, precious life.

12. Thrill of the Moon: A Capella song (voices only, no instruments) about the power of the moon over human emotions. It's very short (under a minute).

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